lagos origin story

Lagos In Juba

Origin Story

The Lagosinjuba story began not on a map, but in a memory. The humid Lagos air, thick with the scent of sizzling jollof rice and the rhythmic pulse of Afrobeats, was a world away from the starlit expanse of Juba. Yet, it was this very memory that ignited a spark in the heart of our founder. According to him, Juba, vibrant and alive, had its own magic, but a part of me yearned to share the Lagos I knew and loved. And so, Lagosinjuba was born.

Lagosinjuba is a bridge between cultures, a space where the warmth of Nigerian hospitality meets the welcoming spirit of Juba. It’s a chance to savor a taste of Lagos on your plate, to lose yourself in the rhythm of Afrobeats, and to unwind under the Juba sky in our tranquil outdoor lounge. Won’t you rather join us?

Good food is the foundation of true happiness
الغذاء الجيد هو أساس السعادة الحقيقية
Chakula bora ni msingi wa furaha ya kweli
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